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Apple's sprawling, back-stacked 2014, and what's in store in 2015

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Apple's sprawling, back-stacked 2014, and what's in store in 2015

Apple's PR method rotates around lack of data the organization makes so few authority publications or even remarks on news stories that individuals give careful consideration when it talks. Its item reports are day-long occasions rotating around hour-long keynotes that totally expend the tech news cycle at whatever point they happen.


It's an alternate methodology from, say, Google, which has such a large number of things going ahead at any given time that it feels like the organization is declaring some little news fundamentally consistently. 

For the first a large portion of 2014, Apple simply didn't have much to say. Its huge item publications in the first a large portion of the year included the revival of the ipad 4 set up of the $399 ipad 2 (it has following been re-ceased) and a little spec knock and value drop for the 2013 Macbook Air. WWDC in June brought a surge of programming and designer reports, however none of those items really began transportation until September. 


Be that as it may Apple didn't have a calm year—every last bit of its enormous reports simply arrived in a surge in the middle of June and October. This is the year we got ios 8 and OS X Yosemite, our first take a gander at the Apple Watch, a hotly anticipated support in screen size for the iphone, another ipad Air with a truly quick new chip, a versatile installments framework in Apple Pay, and a fresh out of the box new imac with a 5k Retina show. How about we take a gander at how each of Apple's real product offerings fared in 2014 and what we need to anticipate 201

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